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CIO as a Service

Supercharge Your Business with our CIO as a service: Saving money, fulfilling responsibilities, and Empowering Success.


Interim CIO

An interim CIO, well-versed in association dynamics, offers a flexible solution to succession challenges. They quickly assess and implement IT strategies, ensuring continuity. When it's time to hire a permanent CIO, we assist for the right fit.

Turnaround CIO

A Turnaround CIO spearheads IT-focused digital transformation, driving positive change, enhancing collaboration, and fostering leadership evolution within your association or nonprofit.

CIO Coaching

We dedicate in providing direction and sharing deep knowledge of associations and vendors in order to develop effective and far-reaching technology leadership skills.

Our Strategy

We help companies and investors to: 


What intangible assets do we own? Which ones are important? Are we protecting them? If not, why not?

Step 1


Are our intangible assets strong or weak? How do they support our day to day business? What risks are we exposed to?

Step 2

Protection Strategy

How should we protect our intangible assets? How should we mitigate intangible asset risks? How do we maintain our competitive edge?

Step 3

Commerical Strategy

What is the best way to make (more) money from our intangible assets? How can we leverage our intangible assets to achieve our business goals?

Step 4

Unlock Full Potential

Strategy Services

Drive tangible impact from intangible assets.

Valuation Services

Identify and articulate the true worth of your company's intangible assets.

Corporate Finance

Maximise the value of your transaction with intangible asset insight.


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The MEYZER360 Cloud ERP With enhanced visibility, efficiency, & strategic decision-making capabilities, your business is poised for growth like never before. 
From finance & inventory management to sales, customer relationship management (CRM), human resources, & more, the MEYZER360 Cloud ERP offers a comprehensive suite of applications designed to enhance efficiency, visibility, & collaboration across all aspects of a business. 
With its user-friendly interface & customizable modules, the MEYZER360 Cloud ERP caters to SMEs, empowering users with real-time data updates & remote access, helping them optimize operations, make informed decisions & achieve growth. 
Supported with AAS (As A Service) solutions as well as inclusive APIs & more, contact us today to help your business scale!

Systemised and Effective ERP Solution

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With enhanced visibility, efficiency, and strategic decision-making capabilities, your business is poised for growth like never before.

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