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24-hour Incorporation

Register your company and open a global banking account within 24 hours of signing up with us.

Skip the Middleman

Nobody likes dealing with sales agents. Liaise directly with Meyzer’s full suite of secretaries, accountants, advisors and developers.

Zero Hidden Fees

All our services are available at a clear and transparent rate. Contact us for a full pricing breakdown.

Free Global Banking Account

Generate revenue from anywhere with up to 34 different currencies in one account.

Stay Compliant

We help meet important filing datelines and keep you up-to-date with local laws and regulations. Stay on top of paperwork and navigate regulatory changes.

Seamless Integration

As one of our existing clients, we already understand your business’ functions and needs. Seamlessly integrate our secretarial services with our other services.

Nifty & Convenient

Manage over over 7 different business functions in one website/app, from Corporate Secretarial Services and Business Banking to Marketing, Website Development, Human Capital, Procurement, Virtual C-Suite and many more.

Incorporate your company in 4 easy steps.

01Tell us the name of your company.
02 Provide some simple information about your business.
03 Wait 24 hours while we process your documents.
04 Start conducting business!

Incorporate with us and receive a free global banking account.

  • Pay Internationally
  • Save On Exchange Rates
  • Convert Anytime
  • Global Account
  • Corporate Cards

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