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Empower Your Business with MEYZER360 Payroll Software.
Improve overall productivity by eliminating manual payroll tasks.


Streamlined Payroll Management

Reducing time and effort required for payroll administration. Streamline processes easily by syncing leaves, claims and attendance data for your payroll generation.

Cloud-Based Time Attendance

Simplifying the process of recording employee hours with our automated time tracking and attendance feature!

Compliance Made Easy

Staying on top of regulatory changes around the world is our job. Our deep expertise in global payroll regulations means less risk for your business.

Digital Submission

Supports online E-Submission to CPF and IRAS portal. Automatically generates files for seamless online submission.

Easy Accessibility

Employees are able to login via web/mobile browsers to view payslips, submit leave and claims online.

Strategize At Ease

Cloud-based appraisal and reporting module to drive your company forward!

Employee Wellness Plan

Our experts work closely with our team of employer services specialists, creating a unique opportunity for clients to align wellness and wellbeing goals with employee benefits and leave management programs.

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CPF Compliance

Mobile Accessibility

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Leave Management

Expense Reimbursement

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Employee Wellness Plan


Overtime Record

Payroll Management


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MEYZER360 Payroll Software

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