Incorporate Your Business in Singapore​.

As a foreigner, the best way to qualify for permanent residency in Singapore is to invest in its economy. 

Founded in 2008, Meyzer360’s deep experience with corporate processes and regulatory compliance makes us uniquely equipped to help expats set up their businesses.

Register Your Business in 20 Minutes

Register Your Business
as a Foreigner

Deal with Government Requirements

Foreigners opening a business in Singapore must use a certified agency to apply for incorporation on their behalf. We help cover these key requirements, including finding a suitable Nominee Director and Registered Address.

Register Your Company

We prepare all the documents for you and send them online to ACRA for company registration. All you have to do is sign it electronically. We help prepare key documents like your company constitution, consent to act as a director and incorporation application.

Open Your Business Account

Our neobanking partners open an account for you the same day you get your company incorporated so that you can process payments and invoices as quickly as possible. To open a bank account with a traditional banks, you will have to come to Singapore and visit the bank in person. 

Set Up Your Paperwork

Submitting accounting and tax reports to the local authorities is required of every business owner. As part of our services, we help handle your everyday bookkeeping, prepare reports and track deadlines. Reports we file for you include Audited Financial Statements, Estimated Chargeable Income and Corporate Tax Returns.

Stay Compliant with a Corporate Secretary

AGM & Board Meetings

Scheduling, organising and preparing minutes during board meetings and the Annual General Meeting.


Company Registers

Maintaining Registers that need to be updated according to the changes that transpire in the company.


Annual Filings

Filing the Annual Returns and Company Accounts with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).


Legal Compliance

Identifying the need for specific actions, informing the directors or shareholders as necessary, and processing these changes according to the Singapore legal framework.


Get a corporate secretary when you incorporate with Meyzer360.


SGD 2,400 /year

SGD 1,200

Incorporation fees (includes incorporation documents, share certificates, setting up of registers, etc.)

Inclusive of opening a Meyzer business account which allows you to store, send & receive money immediately upon setup. No monthly fees and no initial deposits required.

SGD 1,200

Annual Secretarial Services

SGD 600 (Optional)

Named Corporate Secretary

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